Caring in Business

Caring As a Business Tool


Caring as an Essential Business Tool: Humanising Companies with Empathy

  • The importance of Empathy as a business tool to provide direction from top down and bottom up
  • Making  connections with people to strengthen business
  • How Caring in Business can enrich eco-systems and reinvent value

Benoit Beaufils, Business Humanizer & Founding Partner, Innate motion


The Future for Ireland and Sustainability

  • How sustainability can impact Ireland’s global reputation
  • Insights from Business in the Community Ireland on how they work with Ireland’s top      companies 
  • Discover new trends in sustainability and hear case studies on leadership in Ireland
  • The link between sustainability and competitiveness for the tech sector

Tomas Sercovich, CEO, Business In The Community Ireland

Presentation Highlights


Show Transparency and Earn Trust through CSR reporting

CSR reporting has become an increasingly important tool in how companies seek to add value across all of their stakeholder relationships.  In this presentation, Clearstream will discuss the most common reporting frameworks, the latest trends in non-financial ESG reporting and will outline the journey from CSR follower to leader…. and some of the potholes to be avoided en route. 

Brian O' Kennedy, Managing Director, Clearstream Solutions


Diversity & Inclusion


Breaking Down Barriers to Employment and Leveraging Untapped Talent Pools

  • The importance of a strong Diversity & Inclusion strategy within an organisation
  • Insights & learnings from SAPs pioneering ‘Autism at Work’ programme
  • Programme successes and how it has added value to the workplace

Liam Ryan, Managing Director, SAP Ireland


Social Innovation

Using tech innovation to help build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Hear updates on the worlds first and largest study on the impact of commercial electric vehicles and how it aims to help the UK meet climate change objectives.

Nicole Thompson, Director of Social Innovation, Hitachi Vantara


Putting the Planet First

Oracle will speak on  Empowering Stakeholders to put the Planet First. Elena will also share highlights from some of their powerful case studies 

including: World’s First AI Smart Hives Network Helps Conserve Declining Global Honey Bee Populations

Elena Avesani, Global Sustainability Lead, Oracle


Sustainable Development Goals

This presentation will focus on translating the UN SDGs into action and change.

Stuart Poore, Director of Sustainability and Government Affairs, Canon


Sustainable Supply Chains

 A presentation highlighting the growing amount of electronic waste and to share learnings from Take-Back and Recovery Operations Program Manager in HP Inc. about strategies in reverse supply chain management and benefits of a sustainable approach to product design in the IT sector.

Marta Jakowczyk, Take Back & Recovery Ops Program Manager EMEA, HP Inc.


Corporate Giving & Employee Engagement

Thriving Together: Corporate Giving and Employee Engagement 

  • Creating an engaging global community and  volunteer leadership
  • Insights into skills-based volunteering -   benefits and challenges
  • Engagement top-down and how to achieve it

Amy Wendel, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, LogMeIn


Tackling Humanitarian Challenges

Deploying Good Tech, Innovation and Partnerships to Tackle Humanitarian Challenges

Michael Evason, Head of CSR Europe, IBM


Social Impact

Using Technology for Positive Social Change


Digital technology has the potential to address of our biggest social challenges.  Learn more about how Cisco, with our partners are leading initiatives to make positive social impact around food insecurity, homelessness and, of course, digital skills.

Kathryn Baddeley, Head of CSR UK & Ireland, Cisco Systems


Gender Parity

A presentation on what is being done and what more the tech industry can do to ensure gender parity.

Sarah Atkinson, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Global, MicroFocus

Conference Themes

Caring In The Workplace


Topics Include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Gender Parity
  • Evolving Role of HR
  • Employee Experience
  • Tech vs.Touch

Caring In The Community


Topics Include:

  • Corporate Giving and volunteering
  • Tech for positive social impact
  • Education for the future
  • Tech enhancing Charity work

Caring In The Environment


Topics Include:

  • Sustainability
  • Circular Economy
  • E-waste and Recycling
  • Innovation for sustainable future
  • Tackling Sustainable Development Goals

Other Topics Include:


  • The role of Leadership when it comes to Caring In Business
  • The Impact of Caring on Corporate Reputation
  • Business of Caring in Business
  • The Future of Caring in the Workplace 
  • Why Tech needs to care for the Environment and how they can lead the way
  • How engaging the Community has a positive impact on business, employees and the community they work with

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